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Opening Day
Southerton Guns opened on 14 November 2009 and there for the unveiling were Charlotte and Sophie Prone rifle shooters for the Junior England Team to whom we send many thanks.

Charlotte (17 years of age):
Started shooting small-bore rifle just over 6 years ago.
Accepted at The British Shooting Academy 18 months age and trains at Aldersley Shooting Centre.
Got a Steyr air rifle 12 months ago initially to help her shoot 3p (3 position-prone, standing, kneeling), as the ammunition is a lot cheaper than .22 rifle.

Enjoyed air rifle and entered first major competition (The Geoff Partridge)earlier this year and won B class.
Second competition was the British Air Rifle Championships at Bisley in February this year and Charlotte won the women’s junior competition so is now the British junior women’s air rifle champion 2010.
Next major competition is The Isle of Man held over Easter weekend.
Charlotte has put her name forward for selection for The English National Squad (TENS).
Sophie shoots small-bore rifle and shoots for Lincolnshire , Lincolnshire Ladies and Juniors
In 2008 Sophie shot as a reserve in a England Junior Match.