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Reloading Equipment


Brass Mould Block .610

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Brass Mould Block .610 Custom Made Size .610 No handles, the blocks will fit on Pedersoli Mould Handles (1276) or Lee Commercial Mould Handles (90005) pre-owned stock ref: 29-009 FREE UK DELIVERY ON T

Smiths Carbine Cases

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Smiths Carbine Cases Nickel Plated Cases 20 Gauge pack of 4 – £15.95 pre-owned stock ref: 29-010 FREE UK DELIVERY ON THIS ITEM

Lee Swivel Adapter – 90477

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Lee Swivel Adapter – 90477Lee Swivel Adapter transfer between die sets made fast and easy. Screws into the die with rotating the powder measure FREE UK DELIVERY ON THIS ITEM

Lee Safety Powder Scale – 90681

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Lee Safety Powder Scale – 90681Lee Safety Scale is reliable, very accurate and simple to use, beam is made from a tough Phenolic. Sensitive and readable to 1/20 grain FREE UK DELIVERY ON THIS ITEM

Lee Mould 500-360-M – 90472

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Lee Mould 500-360-M – 90472Lee Single Cavity Mold produces a .500 diameter 360 grain Minie bullet FREE UK DELIVERY ON THIS ITEM

Lee Double Disk Kit – 90195

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Lee Double Disk Kit – 90195Lee Double Disk Kit raises powder hopper permitting two disks to be stacked in powder measure. Doubles the capacity, also able to make very fine adjustments. Disk A = .30

Lee Decapper and Base 22 caliber – 90103

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Lee Decapper and Base 22 caliber – 90103 FREE UK DELIVERY ON THIS ITEM

Lee Cutter with Ball Grip – 90275

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Lee Cutter with Ball Grip – 90275Lee Cutter and Ball Grip makes case prep easier and more comfortable. Used with the Zip Trim

Lee Cutter & Lock Stud – 90110

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Lee Cutter & Lock Stud – 90110Use the Lee Cutter and Lock Stud with the Case Length Gauge & Shell Holder to trim cases. Can be used by hand or with an electric drill. Works on all brass less

Lee Auto Disk Riser – 90041

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Lee Auto Disk Riser – 90041Lee Auto Disk Riser raises the Auto Disk powder measure higher above the mounting location on the Turret Press to provide clearance for use of the Safety Prime

Lee Alox Beeswax Mix – 90007

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Lee Alox Beeswax Mix – 90007 FREE UK DELIVERY ON THIS ITEM

Lee 3 hole Turret – 90497

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Lee 3 hole Turret – 90497Lee Aluminum 3-Hole Turret for quick change turret for the 3-Hole Turret Press and Pro 1000. The Lee 3 hole turret will not work in the Lee 4 Hole Turret Press or 4 Hole Cla